What is it Like at LEGOLAND Florida Reopening?

Our entire family loves LEGOS! When we heard Legoland Florida reopened after months of quarantine for COVID-19, we were excited to get back to one of our favorite parks. Even at 16, this is still my son’s favorite park in Florida.

We know the biggest questions in regards to Legoland Florida Resort reopening is what is different? What are the new guidelines for Legoland Park and Legoland Water Park due to coronavirus?

What is Different at Legoland Florida for Reopening

Social Distancing at Legoland Florida

One of the biggest changes at Legoland is social distancing.

As we left Legoland Pirate Island Hotel next to Legoland Hotel, we were just steps to Legoland Park. We could almost immediately see the social distancing lines. Legoland has the cutest floor marketing reminding guests to continue social distancing.

Floor Markers for Social Distancing

They even provide floor markings in areas that may cause clusters of people. This included security, temperature checks, park entrance, queue lines, restaurants, and stores.

Temperature Checks at Legoland Florida

You will find a lot of opportunities to use hand sanitizer. Legoland does have hand sanitizer at the front entrance of every ride. In addition, you will find it throughout the park even the water park.

Touchless Tickets at Legoland Florida

They have touchless tickets at Legoland Park. The Model Citizens (employees) at Legoland use a scanner at the front entrance. You will just print your ticket or show your ticket with the bar code. The Model Citizens will scan the barcode to check-in to the park. Super simple and touchless.

You can also pay with cashless options. This helps eliminate those extra touch points.

Face Coverings or Masks

One of the big changes at Legoland Park is face coverings or masks. When we filmed this video at Legoland, face coverings or masks were not required.

legoland floridaCute Face Masks in Merchandise Stores (Perfect for Kids)

Since then the City of Winter Haven created an ordinance. Anyone over the age of 8 is now required to wear a face mask or face covering indoors. This includes on rides at the theme park, too.

One Direction

Besides the social distancing with floor marketings, restaurants and merchandise stores moved guests in one direction. There was one entrance and one exit. This keeps visitors moving in one direction and eliminates clusters.

Closures at Legoland Park

We had so much fun at Legoland Park. There were a lot of the rides, restaurants, merchandise stores, and even carnival games open. However, there were a few things closed. These included water fountains and play areas. Since these both have a lot of extra touch points, they were closed for our safety.

legoland floridaClosed Play Areas

Rides at Legoland

Let’s talk about our favorite part of Legoland (well besides the Legos of course). It is the RIDES! Legoland Park has so many fun rides. There are a few safety updates in regards to the rides.

Social Distancing

The first big one is social distancing. You will find social distancing in the queue lines. Those cute Lego floor markers remind us to keep 6 feet from other guests. There are even signage reminding us of these requirements.

legoland floridaRide Line with Social Distancing

On the ride vehicles, the Model Citizens make sure you are socially distant from other guests on the ride. This may mean there are 2-3 empty rows in front or behind you on a roller coaster or you may have your own ride vehicle for an indoor ride.


During our visit, Legoland employees sanitized the ride vehicles and queue. Legoland sanitized the rides and lines, more than any other theme park. It was quite impressive.

legoland florida@Legoland Florida

Limited Capacity at Legoland Florida

Legoland Park did limit capacity into the park. We felt completely safe walking around Legoland, waiting in the queue lines, and ordering treats. We loved the limited capacity in regards to wait times. The longest wait was 30 minutes on a roller coaster. Every other ride was 5-10 minutes.

Did We Feel Safe at Legoland?

This is the biggest question we are getting again and again and again with our travels. For Legoland Park, the answer is YES!

Legoland Florida did a great job with their reopening procedures. Our family felt completely safe. Even with the limited requirement in regards to face coverings, we felt completely safe. Legoland is a big park and it is not very crowded. We always felt like we had plenty of space without any crowds around us (even indoors).

Legoland did an even better job in regards to sanitizing the ride vehicles. They did an excellent job. Way better than any other Orlando Theme Park.

Our entire family felt safe and would go back to Legoland tomorrow (if we could).


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